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Quality Analysis

As an ISO certified company, we undertake every job work under the specification of international standards. Our products are such as Pepper Powder, White Pepper Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Dried Chilli, Black Pepper whole, Curry Powder and Chutneys are processed with high-grade ingredients which makes them safe and hygienic to consume. Moreover, we   have a ream of quality auditors who undergoes through stringent quality test to make sure the flawless properties of the food products. Our value added services which proves our significance are as follows:
  • Elimination of all ferrous contamination in ground spices using 9500 gauss German magnets.
  • Elimination of all non ferrous contamination in ground spices like ss,fe etc.
  • Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and micro contamination of spices.
  • In- House microbiological and physical analysis of spices.
  • Irradiation of products to conform to microbiological specifications of North American and European markets.
  • Mechanised Cleaning and sorting of spices to ensure purity.
  • Pulverizing facilities.
  • Roasting & Blending of spices to enhance flavor and aroma.
  • Sieving of spices to ensure uniform mesh size of spice powders.
  • Steam sterilization of whole and ground spices.
Product Range

Whole Spices

Ajwain Seeds

Dried Chilli

Bay Leaves

Dry Ginger Whole And Broken

Black Cardamom

Dry Red Chilli

Green Cardamom

Fennel Whole

Black and Yellow Mustard Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Black Pepper whole

Panch Puran

Coriander seeds

Poppy Seeds

Cumin Seeds whole

Red Chilly whole Kashmere

Dill Seeds

Seed Spices

White Pepper Whole


Turmeric whole

Powdered Spices

Coriander Powder

Coconut Powder

Galangal Powder

Ginger Powder

Dry Mango Powder

Pepper Powder, White Pepper Powder, Black Pepper Powder

Fennel Powder

Cardamom Powder

Red Mild Chili Powder

Mustard Powder

Chilly Powder Hot

Fenugreek Powder

Kashmiri Chilli Powder

Cinnamon Powder

Turmeric Powder

Crushed Chili Flakes

Cumin Powder

Nutmeg Powder

Indian Pepper Powder

Celery Powder

Herbs and Blended Spices

In addition, we also deal in following food products:
  • Curry Powder
  • Papads
  • Green / Red Pepper in Brine & Dehydrated Green Pepper
  • Rice
  • Pulses
  • Chutneys
  • Pickles
  • Canned Fruit and Vegetables
  • Condiments
  • Other Food Products
  • Dehydrated Garlic and Onion Condiments
  • Food flavors with subcategories
  • Food Colors
Our Strength

There are may factor which drives our organization on the way of excellence. The first and foremost being our smart team members who cater to every filed of production, quality testing, procurement, etc with perfection, and completes every given task in the stipulated time frame. Further, we lay strong emphasis at warehousing and packaging, in order to safeguard the food products from outer impurities. We make sure to packs the food products in different way according to the need and specification of the clients. Moreover, we meet every bulk order of consignments without any kin of hassle which accounts for our major strength.  

Awards and Certifications
  • Recommended in the EEC Inter Government dossier as official suppliers to the EEC.
  • Interactive Suppliers of spices to Universities in Europe for their research requirements.
  • INDIASTAR'98, the highest award given by the Ministry of Commerce, India to Indian exporters for value addition in Packaging.
  • I7th International Award for Food and Beverages at Barcelona, Spain in 1994.
  • Ex member, National Task Force Committee, Spices Board, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.
  • 20th Anniversary Golden International Award for Food & Beverages at Anuga Trade Fair on Cologne, Germany in 1997.

Our Clients

  • In the Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, U A E, Syria and Jordan
  • In the Far East : Japan and Taiwan
  • In South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala and Cuba
  • In North America: U.S.A, Canada, Mexico
  • In Europe: U.K, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Sweden and Malta
  • In Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, Egypt and Morrocco
  • Australia and New Zealand

Some of our Brands:

  • Bicon Curry Powder
  • Parrot Nutmeg Powder
  • Hamza Minazen Curry Powder
  • Richys & Goldrels Limited Curry Powder
  • Sharma Gold (Black Pepper and Cumin Seeds )
  • Mr. Alex
  • Robad's Chilly Powder